Why Harnessing The Subconscious Is Wrong Science

The Psychic Sciences are something people just don’t understand.

It’s taking me years to teach people correctly. This video is not only wrong information but dangerous as well because your subconscious is responsible for sensing danger and triggering the physical and appropriate response and when your in and out of your higher self which is when your asleep, unconscious, psychically tuned in, day dreaming or in a coma.

Without your subconscious sensing anything you’d end up dead or trapped between states of psychological existence.

It’s your subconscious that triggers the reaction in your gut that something is around then tells you to run when necessary. It wakes you up when your Spirit has docking issues and calls to your Spirit or Higher self to help wake you up.

It’s your subconscious that recognises your psychic mind is dealing with a situation it shouldn’t be especially when your time slipping.

Your subconscious mind is imperative to the safety, development and well being of one’s psychic and psychological states of being.

It’s videos like this that makes me need to get this information out there.

This is leading a horse to water so it can get shot.

I NEED to get out there and teach this stuff.




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