Horses/Stars/44 My Husband Is My Wicceman

If you know my journey with synchronicity

Horses have been a part of my synchronicity for a while now. In my former blog I talk at length about my visions of the grandmother tree and her giving me instructions about following the horses until they say stop then look up to the stars and I’d find my answers.

I’m following certain synchronicities and this article is one of the lines of enquiry

But horses are coming up over and over more and more as are eagles.

I had a dream a bald eagle kissed my forehead.

Head of the Eagle is someone who has been visiting me since I was a kid and he was always on a horse and always a bald eagle flying above my head so large you couldn’t see the sky.

A white chapel in the distance with about 100 (maybe) First Nations people walking into the chapel. All the headstones pure white and every single time I try to join then the Eagle flies above my head and distracts me and wakes up.

I dreamt a First Nations man handed me about 30 feathers and I panicked and threw them back at him.

I had another where Head of the Eagle made me choose between a Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, Moose or Wolf and I chose Bear.

I don’t know what any of it means but I know I’m desperately in love with him. But not in a sexual way. The love that radiates off him for me as a higher consciousness radiates back at him. It’s not a crush love, it’s an inspiring adoration kind of love.

The love you get when you meet the space travellers, Angels and Guides etc …… because their wiseness reflects as love is all I can say to describe it.

Then I had a session with a Junior who is going through an incredible Spiritual awakening I’m so so proud of. She superseded my expectation in rate of growth that’s for sure.

As I’m talking about my transformation over the last three weeks of dealing with what should be a stressful situation and hasn’t been in the slightest, the horses outside her property started going nuts.

I told her I took it as a sign. We were talking about ancestry and trusting signs and when we got off the phone I started thinking about my husband, him being Hispanic, and why I feel like he’s connected to me having to Follow the star.

It got me going over and over the Grandmother tree vision again, Head of The Eagle, and horses, following stars etc ……and a tune popped into my head.

Black Beauty scared the shit out of me as a kid.

I love horses and I’m terrified of them but recently had the good fortune to connect with a few who made me fall in love with them all over again.

My brother trained race horses. King, Prince and Biscuit were the three he’d bring home.

I was maybe 3-5yrs old and Black Beauty would come on TV and I’d cry and run and hide.

Sometimes I’d scream and hide. But no-one knew why.

Well I’m wondering if I got killed on a horse or because of a horse?

Head of the Eagle looks identical to my husband. He’s Nicaraguan but you’d swear he was First Nations.

He’s the love of my love. He fixed my heart and my mind.

He’s my balance and my juxtaposition. He has done more for my personal development psychologically, emotionally and physically in the last 2 1/2yrs than anyone else ever combined.

And I’m wondering if we we’re together in a past life and he’s guiding me back to him which is why I need to get to America.

Since I was 7 I felt the need to be in America. Specifically New York as of 2011 and met him 2013.

It was watching Curious George with my babies that triggered the New York pull.

My ex husband and I have this story we share about our first holiday together in Australia when we first met about how on the second night together in our hotel in Brisbane, Australia I woke up to see a young Native American boy standing at the door with his arms folded looking at me as if to say “Will you hurry up please and do what you have to do and get back to me” look on his face.

He looks about 17-19yrs old. I know now it was Head of the Eagle. But my ex then told me he kept someone in his head and being an artist he started drawing him and it was Eagle.

He said he’s important to you somehow. I freaked and told him about the guy at the door.

Then I started remembering dreams and experiences.

My student Nicki’s Dad said “Follow the star”.

When we got to the prison to marry my husband there was a giant star above his roof. It was December 10th and they put a big bright Xmas star on the roof right above his room.

My teacher said in 2000, the love of my life was Native American with long dark hair and he worshipped the ground I walked on, he’d take me to the land of A’s where it snows and he’s waiting on bended knee.

The first photo I ever saw of my husband

He was 21, I was 40. He’s now 27 I’m 46 tomorrow.

He has been the most important person in my life next to my children in the last 12 months because our relationship has been what has healed all the broken things about me. But he’s Gemini, I’m Scorpio. We shouldn’t get on but we really do wonderful things for each other and I think it’s because of the age difference and my spiritual development.

That got me thinking… I Got and found

Latin for Twin…..I call him my Little Latin boy lol

He used to be Latin King and it says Gemini is King Of The Underworld.

Me: Ruling Planets Pluto



And I figured it out at

I think this means my husband is my Male Wicce.

I’m the Queen of Death.

I’m a Moon girl, He’s Sun. I told my student today I’m having an affair with the Moon, he’s my Teacher, I’m so drawn to him.

You know from my Spells I like Moon phase based spells because I feel the Moon withdraws and the Sun puts back.

KY is Fife postcode. It’s the postcode of where I was living when I watched Curious George which triggered my draw to NY.

I talk of binary code.

He’s a Binary star lol

You can see from my posts the Moon is me.

I looked up what it means to see Eagles Spiritually.

Then I have a dream about him for the first time in 2yrs where I’m standing holding him as he sits and paints coloured dots on something.

But I’m just holding him, savouring the connection and loving him.

Then my son wakes up and says “Mum I had a dream Spare Dad and I were building sets for my movie and he said “this is for the stars” then took him into a bedroom where I was tending to a Babygirl in a cot”.

Then he woke up.

So……I think my husband is my Wicceman.

If you look at my spell you see what I ask for.

I feared his love and the Universe is telling me he’s the one.

He’s my Wicceman. He’s my Balance.

This only happened last night this Full Moon wish.

I wake up and figured out my three biggest synchronicities.

So…… were he and I lovers in past lives?


My Star sign is Scorpio but look my natal chart.

So many of our numbers match and I have Gemini in my chart.

Gemini are called


Remember this

I think my husband and I might have been Cahokia. I’m now native New Zealand or Maori. He’s Central American so still natives.

His gift is phenomenal. His knowledge of the Occult exceptional.

He’s my Twin, my Balance. He’s my Wicceman and I let go of my distrust of love just last night and I’ve finally realised my love for my husband will get me exactly where I need to be and we have people to help.

I told him last week with his Hispanic background he can help me teach the Latin community the truth about the paranormal because it bothers me how easily led and fooled Hispanic people are when it comes to the paranormal and the family I helped where the girl died of heart disease and the Dad nearly bankrupted himself paying for the Psychic to release the demons trapped to his daughters Spirit were Hispanic.

It bothers me because they’re going without food and rent to pay for guidance and help when they don’t need to.

I said to him together we could rule the Paranormal world and take this Industry down and protect the memory of death.

So now I know.

Now I know my path. It’s to him. I’ll get to where I’m meant to be when I get to him. He completes my journey.

I won’t fight it anymore.


And as I finish this post I look up and see the time.

Now I have a migraine and I feel dizzy.

So……I don’t think I should argue with the universe if they’ve gone to this level to drive me insane if he was a dick lol

You’ll notice too I started putting the connection with my husband together in the Cahokia post.

And my twin ruler



So even my name means Wicce, Queen of the underworld, I’m the summoner of death.

Then Remember I said KY

St Andrews

His middle name


Then his last name Arce

And get this my Bestfriend Riya we just found out is related to my husband by blood and her nickname when she stated as a student was Rainbow.

I got her a rainbow sun catcher for her birthday.

So I’d say we are done. I better get my ARCE MOON to him and see where this leads.

Clearly it’s destiny. I should do a dating matchmaking thing based on people following synchronicities to find their twin.

I did and I feel perfectly full circle.

Time says

Job done.

Except why the urgency to do all this to get him and I together? Why is it so important?

We’re all indigenous too the ones I know have ancestry backing them and us.

I am from the same part of Spain too, the name Callaghan originated from the same region of Spain.

Three Pacific islander, one Filipino, three Spanish, four native people to their land.

Three students who just had big ancestor pushes to help me figure it out.

Who in return got to evolve in gift because of it.

I’d say I’m on to something and when I get to NY I find out my true purpose. I know it’s meant to be, it’s literally written in the stars, our dreams and our past lives and bloodline.

But what do they have in store? I won’t know until I get there.

I just need to get these shows recorded. I thought I was to start in NC but now I know it’s New York.

It’s always been New York lol duh took me a while.

But only because I was afraid to love him. I’m not now.

I get it now. He’s my Wicceman


I should do a dating love match service showing people how to follow their signs to find their twin lol


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