More Connections To My Wicceman

Debbie Lee Arce is my name: in Hebrew Debbie is Bee,

Lee means: Healer, Meadow, Poet, or Lion in Latin.

He was Latin King, their animal is a Lion. Their colour is Black and Yellow.

The colour of a Bee is?

Lions are King of the Jungle, I’m a meadow.

My best friend Riya is a Leo, and named her boys King and Saint.

If you remember my husband’s middle name is Andres, or Andrew. After SAINT Andrew.

And the time I hit send

Keep in mind we just found out Riya and Martin are from the same family in Spain. Same coat of arms, ancestors, region, everything the same.

I too am from the same part.

Basque. But I’m further North, we became The Callaghan’s of Ireland.

I had no idea until I did a search on the origins of the Callaghan name.

Nicki too is Spanish but Barcelona way.

She’s also Pacific Island, Philippines

Nicki got her DNA done and she’s 2% Pacific Islander.

So is the Grandmother Tree one common answer?

We need to test our DNA I reckon.

Nga too.

My husband says to me over and over Ride or Die. All his letters since 2013 say it.

It’s the Scorpio mantra.

A message to my husband

We say ride or die constantly.

I think I literally died riding a horse as Spiritchild.

A dark horse like Black Beauty.

Everytime he visited me as a little girl he was on a brown horse like Prince.

King was the dark horse I’m sure. But something is telling me I might be wrong. Prince might have been the dark horse.

Biscuit was Biscuit/Cookie coloured.

Anyway……..I loved the horses but was terrified of Black Beauty.

No rational explanation for it.

I think I died falling off a horse and it’s possibly why I’m scared of heights.

Average heights more because you should see me on chairs, ladders, fence’s etc……I’ll get stuck standing on the bed and need lifting down in hysterics lol

My poor ex has had to rescue me so many times because I tippy toed lol

I bet you I died on a horse. I either got flung or fell off somewhere high.

And I left Head of the Eagle and then he watched over me from a child and gave me clues to find him l and between that and the synchronicity or code I read, it got me to him.

We have an actual fairytale romance lol

And my Protector of my Gift ex husband took care of me until he has to hand me over to the Protector of my Soul.


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