I Just Got Awarded The Title “Queen Of The Underworld” By A Bat Totem

So you know how I said since I was a child the Grandmother tree told me I was to let animals and earth guide my path?

And being Wicce I’m guardian to animals anyway? Natural Telepathy has always been my favourite gift. I talk about it many times on my old blog.

Natural Telepathy is the ability to communicate and manipulate animals and nature.

I’ve made it snow in North Carolina just because I was asked to.

I stopped a hurricane in North Carolina from being a Category 5 down to a storm etc (all documented)….and my nickname growing up was Debbie Dolittle because animals are my heart and soul and anyone who knows me knows what they mean to me.



I have many witnesses to my ability to manipulate the weather including US Marines.

So anyway I’m having INCREDIBLE dreams which gave helped me so much in these last few days where Spirit have really stepped up.

They’re talking to me telepathically IN dreams or standing directly in front of me to say one word which will change my entire life.

None of which I’ll go into here because they’re personal but my girls know for I am their teacher.

Anyway I dreamt of a bat.

I was JUST telling Nicki

Things happened in the dream I won’t go into here because they’re private but my girls know.

And I decided to listen to Grandmother Tree and look up what the Bat means.

And it led me to remember my incant for the New Moon In Sagittarius.

So this is what the Bat means.

And remember what my name Debbie means and my ruling planet Pluto means?

Which means I just got told by my ancestors and the Universe I’ve just taken my rightful place as Queen of The Underworld, Guardian of Mother Earth, Queen of Magic.

They accepted my position and promoted me.

And it’s not even the 7th yet.

My birthright has been acknowledged. I thought I was nuts but it turns out I’m actually not at all lol it’s even in my name and position of birth in the Universe.


And I accept whole heartedly


You know what this means?

The Universe just loaded my gun


I’m coming for you Paranormal industry.


I thought it only went up to 5 points, that’s 6.

7 if you count sex.

What does a 7 pointed star look like?

Wicce or Occult, Clairvoyance, Intuitive, Telepath, Dreams, Energy, Empath.

That’s another 7

14 bullets, 14 different weapons I’ve been given permission to use on behalf of the Universe.

And if that wasn’t confirmation enough look what I discovered.

Look at the time stamps


PayPal debbiedakiwi@gmail.com

I’m doing a study on the accuracies of Tarot. Looking at statistics and ratios.

This was the one I looked at today of all days while stuck in bed resting.

Made me crack up.



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