The 14 Pointed Star Is Real

The First 7 in my understanding is the Gifts Mastered but the Other 7 is the Domains we are master of.

7 gifts Mastered to guard and protect the 7 domains.

I honestly thought it was 5.

And I’m to follow this star to go where the children, animals and earth guide me once I find the grandmother tree.

So I just got put in charge of the 14 pointed star because it takes me to where the birth of a new creation comes about that creates a New Renaissance.

ie The School? Possibly?

The gifts I mastered

The Domains I protect

It could also be argued a 14 pointed Star is the Sun.

My husband rules the Sun, I the Moon.

It is in New York, I’m telling you.

The Grandmother Tree. I need to go to New York to the Tree. To use my 14 pointed star to find the grandmother tree and follow the star to where the earth tells me to go.

God means to create. My school will be full of children with my gifts creating light through art, music, design, literature etc….

This is fuckin awesome.

If I didn’t know my purpose before I certainly do now.

I need to get to NY pronto.

Go mainstream so I can build this school.

It’s the school. I’m telling you. I’ve been made guardian of the 7 domains so these children can create light.

Away with the music, art, books and everything creative that feeds fear into children and a belief that they need people like Beyonce and JK Rowling as role models when they are being taught lies and brainwashed.

No more being told what to create.

At my school they’ll create things that are constructive not destructive to the light of creation and I’m the perfect person to guide and protect them while they do it.

I know how to find the Empaths and heal their mental illness or blockages.

I need to get my husband and go find the grandmother tree.

I can’t do it without him.

A pilgrimage to follow the signs using my gifts that lead my children to creation.

The dead children helping the living ones find peace, sanctuary and creativity.

Plus I’ll teach them REAL magic lol

They’ll be Edgar Allan Poe and Mozart but X-Men versions coz they’re Empaths. Lol

Yaaaaaaay I’ happy.

Now I just need to get rid of this pain and get to New York and get my husband so we can save these special children so they can spread light and heal the world.

Then look what I discovered.

Look at the time stamp

Venus just went back in to Scorpio lol

Here I come Paranormal and Occult industry. I’d be very scared if I were you.

I have the Universe at my disposal now. Your in BIG trouble lol

I’m building an army of X-Men to take you all down by spreading truth and light.

Don’t you get it?

Children will save the world the Elites used children to destroy.

And I’ve been made the Guardian to it all HAHAHA

My birth right is to save the children through creativity and innovation, inspiration, love and light.

I love my love. I love my life, I love everything about who I’ve become.

See why I don’t care I have holes in my clothes?

I get to watch over the children and got master the 7 gifts in the 7 domains of the Universal power.

My school…….it’s my school.

Follow the star means build my school.

Spirit are such arseholes haha it’s too funny though.

It’s gonna take a smart person who knows my work inside and out to see how they’re mocking religion in all of this.

My gift the antithesis of everything they believe in.


I’m doing a study on Tarot Cards looking at statistics and ratios of accuracy.

This woman cam up randomly.

I had to laugh but then look

See how it says December 17?

Well my two ruling planets align on the 17th December.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto.

It will be interesting to see if something happens on the 17th.


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